Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers

Are you solving specific problems for your customers? Are you sure that you are even speaking with the right people?

Email marketing can help you hone in on the key challenges that your prospects and customers are looking to you to resolve. Each email campaign is yet another opportunity to dial in your marketing message as you can see exactly which linked phrases or messages that are interesting to your audience. Are your email marketing campaigns fully optimized? If not, let’s get started!

Email Marketing Illustration
Email Marketing Illustration

Finding An Email Marketing
Strategy That Works

Your audience receives too many generic emails that can be ignored. There’s a ton of clutter in inboxes, causing consumers to quickly scroll through their email boxes looking for something to catch their eye. Will your email marketing campaign be the one that makes them stop the scrolling and truly engage?


Capitalizing on Customer Touchpoints
With Actionable Messaging

There are a variety of customer touchpoints that provide the ideal opportunity to promote a specific add-on product or service. Creating an email campaign that slowly drips information to your customers can help them become more comfortable with your brand message over time. When you capitalize on operational emails such as order confirmations and invoicing, you’re on the way to maximizing your email marketing strategy.

Are you sharing great information, but not seeing the results from your email campaign that you would expect? Our digital marketing experts will work through your email messages to be sure that they are actionable, clear and concise — so you’re getting the best possible return from each message. We can also review your opt-outs and email frequency.

Creating an email marketing strategy that will rock your sales numbers and engage your audience takes time and attention. Let the experts at Three Trees Media work with your marketing team to review, analyze and revamp this crucial communication channel for your business.