Questions to Ask When Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media advertising is an invaluable tool for business owners. The wide world of social media is at your fingertips and there are plenty of ways that this resource can boost your business’s reach, audience engagement and ultimately, your success. This broad scope of potential can be overwhelming if you’re new to using social media as a marketing tool. To learn some of the ins and outs about building your business, keep reading from tips about how we work at the Three Trees Media social media management company. 

What Are Your Social Media Marketing Goals? 

The first step in establishing your business’s social media presence and setting yourself up for success is to clearly define your goals. Productivity experts recommend forming what are called “S.M.A.R.T.” goals, which refer to objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. By setting goals that meet these criteria, you are more likely to see the social media advertising results you desire. 

Do Your Goals Match Your Overall Business Objectives?  

After establishing your objectives, make sure that they line up with the long-term goals you have made for your business. In meeting each smaller goal, will you be making steady progress towards your broader business aspirations? If you make sure that every post and social media interaction stays true to your overarching goals, it will be easier to keep your business on the road to success. 

Do You Know Your Audience? 

Knowing your audience is a crucial part of social media advertising. Take stock of your followers — some general information will help you stay relevant on their timelines. For example, it will help your business’s social media success to know your audience’s: 

  • age range
  • general location
  • average income
  • work industries 
  • interests

When you’ve obtained this information, you’ll be able to post content that’s tailored for your followers, which increases your likelihood of likes, engagement, shares, etc. 

What Is Your Competition Doing? 

It’s never a bad idea to check out your competition on social media. By searching keywords related to your field or checking out well-known industry leaders on social media, you might be able to pick up a few ideas to spice up your own marketing strategies. Social media is all about inspiration, so there’s no harm in having a look at your competitors’ accounts. See what works and more importantly, what doesn’t! Catch your followers’ interest by trying new things and stepping out of the box. 

Do You Have a Social Media Content Calendar? 

Writing out your business’s social media content and posting in real-time is a thing of the past. Save time and sanity by utilizing a social media content calendar, which helps you organize and prepare your posts. Most social media sites use an algorithm, which means that if you post at a time when your audience isn’t online, they may never see it. You can choose the “best times” to post and then schedule content accordingly using a content calendar. 

How Often Do You Evaluate and Adjust Your Strategy?

Lastly, don’t just post and hope. Take control of your business’s social media marketing by analyzing your likes, reach and engagement. Make a point to regularly evaluate your social media marketing efficiency to optimize your success. If you’re not yet meeting your goals, you can adjust your content to better target your audience, schedule more frequent content and more. Effective strategies from a social media management agency can help provide the long-term perspective that you need to reach your aggressive growth goals. Not every company is able to afford a full-time social media manager, which is why the team at Three Trees Media offers social media management services to help support your company. If you’re interested in building a successful social media marketing strategy for your business, contact Three Trees Media, an experienced social management agency, by calling (615) 267- 3710 or emailing us at [email protected].