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We have built our business by focusing on the needs of our clients first, and then seeing which digital marketing services would be a good fit for your business. From internet marketing to online advertising, we are your one-stop shop for Nashville area businesses!


Understanding Business Needs

Whether you are just getting started or looking for ways to grow, you know that you need a marketing agency for support. Perhaps you are seeing a niche vertical that you would like to go after but can’t hire a team to focus on that business. Maybe you are prepping to launch a new product and want to know the best way to get the word out. Whatever the reason, the digital marketing professionals at Three Trees Media are here for you.

Search Engine

When someone searches for your business, are they finding you — or your competitor? SEO is the tool that ensures your business is on that all-important first page of search results for your selected keywords.


Each word that goes into your website, on your blog or on your social media should be targeted to grow your audience. That’s the heart of creating a content marketing strategy that sells.

Local Search

We’re used to finding exactly what we need by adding “near me” to our search. Would your business show up? Local SEO services are an important part of this. Let us work with you to boost your local visibility.


Your marketing content shouldn’t just be a bunch of pretty words together. You need your audience to engage with your brand. Let us show you how to tweak your messaging to help with revenue growth.

Social Media

Social media advertising is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to grow your audience. After we help you set the strategy, watch how proactive social management can change your business.


Creating the right content for your video marketing strategy starts with a firm understanding of your business needs. Your audience is waiting for powerful videos. We’ll work with you to make it happen.


Always Track and Analyze Your Business Statistics

As a full-service marketing agency, we are able to support a variety of needs for businesses:

  • Define a content marketing strategy
  • Craft online marketing messages for your target audience
  • Recommendations for on-page SEO, local SEO
  • Boost engagement with your social media platforms


They Did It. So Can You.

Read the stories of people inspired by Three Trees Media to take their business to the next level.
You could be the next Three Trees Media success story.

The Focus is on Results

As an online marketing agency, we focus on results — not simply on the actions that we take. Our team is always looking for ways to reduce the cost for you while improving the overall effectiveness of your advertising or social media dollars.

Creating a truly impactful marketing strategy takes a partnership, where both parties work towards a shared goal of business success. Contact the team at Three Trees Media today for your free initial consultation and see what a difference it makes when you have a partner that is fully vested in your business.


Blogs & Posts

SEO is always evolving, algorithms change every day, and SEO teams are held to ever-changing standards. This affects not only how someone finds the websites they encounter, but also changes what companies have to do to remain at the top. Stay up to date with this changing industry and what works best for your business.

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