Why Your Business Needs a Blog


There are always dozens — if not hundreds! — of items on your to-do list and blogging for your business may be somewhere around line 50. Unfortunately, this means that you may be missing a prime opportunity to connect with your prospects and customers through a proactive content marketing strategy. The blog copy that you create essentially lives forever and can continue driving business for many years after it was written. If your blog doesn’t currently feel like a priority, here are some convincing reasons to get writing.

Content Marketing Establishes Trust with Customers

When you write blog copy, you’re able to define the conversation that you’re having with customers. This allows you to overcome any of their potential objections or discuss how your solution or product is better than your competitors.

Blogging Allows You to Provide Solutions to Customer Problems

It might be surprising the things that people Google today. When your organization provides an answer to their burning questions, customers will remember the brand even if they don’t make an immediate purchase.

Proactive Content Strategy Boost SEO

Google and Bing adore new content that is relevant to their readers. Creating a blog that covers a variety of topics relevant to your readers not only helps increase awareness of your brand, it can improve your SEO value by providing an ongoing stream of high-quality content.

Capture Pertinent Customer Information with Blog Signups

Are you really killing it on your blog? Customers will want to sign up to receive your update, providing you with their contact information that can be leveraged in future marketing efforts.

Still don’t think you’ll have time to create a blog for your business? Our content strategy professionals at Three Trees Media are ready to help you get started! Contact us today to learn how blogging can help increase your visitors and boost the amount of time they spend interacting with your brand — and ultimately making a purchase.